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The Conch Fritters

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        Barry Olsavsky       Dustin Barber         
 "Barry The Panman"  "The Texas Fritter"

The Band

The Conch Fritters, a tropical duo hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, have been skillfully combining authentic island melodies with their own unique arrangements. Their repertoire includes a variety of genres such as Calypso, Reggae, and Island tunes, covering artists ranging from Jimmy Buffett to Kenny Chesney. Additionally, they showcase their own original compositions inspired by Key West, Florida, as well as various locations across the United States. Barry "The Panman" Olsavsky, a talented musician proficient in steel pans and vocals, joins forces with Dustin "The Texas Fritter" Barber, who showcases his skills on guitar, ukulele, and vocals. From the soothing melodies of the ukulele to Barber's impressive guitar virtuosity, and the vibrant rhythms of Olsavsky's steel pans, reminiscent of the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago, The Conch Fritters create a captivating musical experience. Their performances incorporate elements from the sounds of Bob Marley, Bourbon Street, Smooth Jazz, and the enchanting ambiance of the Florida Keys. Without a doubt, The Conch Fritters deliver an extraordinary show that is truly remarkable. Whether as a duo or a trio, they are available to provide their exceptional musical talents.

"Every little ting gonna be alright!"
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The Conch Fritters duo at The Cloister and Hammock Beach Resort.

The Conch Fritters music was used as background music in the video "Postcards from Charleston: Destination '22 Catalina 22 National Sailing Association Cruise (Pt 1)" by our fritter friends Eric and Liz.  

Dustin Barber performing with

 The Legendary Reverend Al Green & his

Enterprise Orchestra

“Simply Beautiful”

Cincinnati Music Festival July 21, 2023

Dustin Barber performing with the legendary Al Green at 
Radio City Music Hall 5/5/19.

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