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Percussion Companies


Below is a listing of Percussion companies that have great selection and good pricing. These are by no means the only companies I would recommend but I have used these in the past.



 Steve Weiss Music     Woodwind and Brasswind     Sweetwater







  Drums on Sale-great for parts too.
















Additional Resources


Here are some additional resources I highly recommend to all students of percussion.


Drum Rudiments.com. This is a great site that lists the 40 International Drum Rudiments with video samples on how each rudiments should be played.


Percussive Arts Society-An International organization for percussion students and professionals.


National Association of Rudimental Drummers


Vic Firth Drum Rudiments-This is another great site that gives audio and video examples of the rudiments. Also, download the Vic Firth app with video lessons, rudiments with play along tracks, practice tips, artist bios and much more.


SABIAN Education-an outstanding resource with videos, glossary of cymbal related terms, Anatomy of a Cymbal explaining the different parts of a cymbal and how they work, a buying guide to assist in purchasing the right cymbals.


Pearl Drums Education-a collection of pdf documents on various topics related to percussion instruments.




Students need to have a metronome for practicing and with the advances in technology free Android and I tunes app metronomes are available. In the Google Play store I recommend the Simple Metronome.  You can find them in the Itunes store as well but, there are good apps available for free!



Snare Drum Rudiments


Click here to download the 40 Essential Drum Rudiments.     NARD 13


Here's where you can see Barry Olsavsky performing.


                      Tropico Steel Drums                                The Conch Fritters





Terrific company with great sticks for snare drum, drum set, wide selection of mallets.  Also includes a selection of mallets and sticks for marching.

Incredible cymbals for drum set, concert including crash and suspended cymbals, marching cymbals and great percussion from Gon Bops.

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