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Welcome to the SS Caribbean Sound.  You are about to embark upon a tour to paradise; five islands in the Caribbean Sea, five different experiences.  Enjoy the music, the food, and the island activities-all there for your pleasure.  Shop in the local markets, sunbathe on the white sandy beaches and when back onboard the ship, dance the night away or sit out on the deck and watch the moon rise over the Caribbean.


This ninety-minute family oriented, fun and audience interactive cruise features five ports of call: kickback and enjoy a margarita in Key West, Florida, snorkel in the clear waters of Cozumel, Mexico, listen to the steel bands in Port of Spain, Trinidad, dance to Reggae music in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and join in the festivities as you; listen to an authentic Junkanoo band while in Nassau, Bahamas.


The cast of the SS Caribbean Sound.


Cruise Director Dan "The Man" Donahue's (played by Mike Wilson) job is to ensure that the passengers of the SS Caribbean Sound have a great time while in a safe environment.  Whether it is giving the passengers a brief update as to the events, places and people that they will be visiting during that day's port of call, or announcing that day's onboard activities and events, it is Dan "the Man's" duty to make sure that this is the vacation of your dreams.

Ramón the Islander(played by Barry Olsavsky), the guy who knows all the best beaches, the best bars, the best bands, the best scenic locations, the best tourist spots, the best of every port.  Ramón travels the Caribbean in search of that perfect vacation hideaway.




The ship's lifeguard, bartender, lifesaver, mind eraser. He's the one they call "Dr. Feelgood" (played by Danny Stimpson). He plays the rhythms that make your heartbeat. His “feel” is all “good” mon!  Dance & sing your troubles away with his syncopated grooves! He’s got plenty of cowbell to cure your fever!  He makes you feel ALRIGHT!


Izzy Marley(played by Dustin Barber), the ships onboard musician performs with the big band Caribbean Sound laying down the bass guitar grooves. You will also see him around the ship and on certain excursions playing the ukulele for tourists. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica with and has a degree from the Bob Marley School of Music.


“Don’t worry mon. Everyting is Eye Ree.”



Brody (played by Matt Olsavsky) is the college student/frat boy who attends  college to go to football and basketball games and party every weekend.  He found his way onto the ship during Spring Break.  Brody is the character who wears his hats backwards while using the word "bro" in every sentence.

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Caribbean Sound's production, "Capturing the Caribbean" mixes the sound and culture of the Caribbean with Calypso, Soca, Latin, original compositions and vocals into a delightful and entertaining evening performance.


Ever wondered where steel drums came from and how they started?  Caribbean Sound takes the audience on an exhilarating retrospective of the evolution of steel drums in "PAN BY STORM" -a musical and historical dramatization. With a storyteller and accompanying ensembles this visually stunning show portrays the cultural influences on Trinidad and Tobago and the creating forces behind steel drums. An African ensemble, bottle & spoon bands just as it sounds), metal bands (pots, pans tin cans).  *Tamboo Bamboo (instruments made from large bamboo) recalls the days of the great Tamboo bands of Trinidad marching to the thunderous sound of pitched bamboo.  *Pan Around the Neck, vintage steel drum instruments from 1950 have been recreated for Caribbean Sound and present a fascinating representation of the days when panmen marched through the streets of Port of Spain, Trinidad.


Now that the audience understands a little about where steel pans came from and how they were created let's have a party with some "Island" favorites, Calypso music, colorful costumes and props all combined for an exhilarating evening of music, entertainment, and fun as Caribbean Sound presents a fascinating and exciting look at the development of pan, a truly unique innovation of the 20th Century.

Caribbean Sound offers several symphony productions for Family and Pops programs. They are one of the elite groups in the world to successfully combine the beautiful sound of steel drums and Caribbean music into the orchestral setting bringing these enchanting sounds to the symphonic venue. All orchestrations are provided by Caribbean Sound scored for 1 PIC 2FL 2OB 2CL 1 BCL 2BSN 3TP 3TB 1 TB 4HRN T+3 8/8/6/5/4. Additional strings can be added if desired.

"Caribbean Sound appealed to all ages"

Sara   Penny, Orchestra of Southern Utah manager.


"It was a pleasure to have Caribbean Sound in Memphis for our Family Concert."

James Feddeck, Assistant Conductor, Memphis Symphony Orchestra

The Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra-Pops 1995, 1996, Family Concert 2000, 2004.

The Owensboro Symphony Orchestra-Pops 2002.

The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra-Pops 2003.

The Rockford Symphony Orchestra-Pops, Family, YPC 2005.

The Memphis Symphony Orchestra-Family Concert 2008.

The East Texas Symphony Orchestra 2009.

The Orchestra of Southern Utah 2013

 “The talented guests from Florida took their place at the front of the stage where they erupted in Ken Philmore’s positively  frenetic “Pan by Storm” evoking a Caribbean party atmosphere as wild as anything in Rio.”

 Concert review by Bryce Christensen, Cedar City, Utah.


A Caribbean Holiday

"Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum, Santa's run off to the Caribbean!"

Just imagine-a cup of eggnog, a warm cup of hot chocolate, sitting under a Christmas palm listening to the sweet sound of steel pans and enjoying Christmas and Holiday traditions from around the world. Warm up those chilly December evenings with the wonderful production "Caribbean Holiday." What a great way to enjoy all of your holiday favorites mixed with a touch of tropical essence as Caribbean Sound presents an exciting evening of Christmas and Holiday music "Island Style" as Rasta Santa comes to town with his bag full of all the things that make the holidays under a Christmas Palm special for the whole family.


Come along as we tell the "Caribbean Sound Christmas Story," a special twist on the traditional with a visit from Charlie Brown, The Grinch, Rob Marley, Clarence and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future. What an exciting family story to get you into the holiday spirit.


A Christmas tradition from Trinidad and Tobago called Parang (pronounced Parong) is also celebrated during the holiday season. Parang is merrymaking, music, dance, and food typical of the Spanish Creole community of Trinidad. Merrymakers visit the homes of family, friends or patrons to sing songs, share in food and "A Drink a Rum and a Punch a Creama," a traditional drink similar to eggnog. Join Caribbean Sound and sing along with this Caribbean tradition.